Saturday, May 19, 2012

Week one!!

Where in the world to start!! First, this experience has been truly amazing and exceptionally rewarding! We've been here for four days now, and It's almost hard to remember everything cause we've done so much! We've gone to saint Francis cathedral, El palacio en Ecuador (kindof like the white house of Ecuador!) it's so cool! We were able to see where president Correa worked and held meetings! We climbed to the top of the Basilica that had an exceptional view of Quito!!! So beautiful! We visited a local University in Kumbaya and Toured there campus. We strolled in the Parque Carolina and had a tour of a local hospital where we were able to learna about the local AIDS and HIV clinic. Very rewarding and humbling experience! We climbed to the top of a VERY tell mountain and saw the Alto Rancho water project! When we climbed the mountain, we were litterally in a cloud! It was surreal! And that was all in just two days!

These last two days have also been filled with incredible experiences! We were able to travel to the equator and learn about it! Very interesting! Then we went shopping to Otovalo and were able to buy so many cool textiles! Purses, bags, scarves, cups, paintings, sweaters, jewelry! You name it, they had it. And it was all hand crafted and beautiful! After Otovalo we had our one night home stay with a local family! We stayed with a family that had a mom and two daughters, all of whom were so kind and generous! The home stay was so much fun! We were able to help with preparing the tratiditional meal, and chat with the family in Spanish! Then we played UNO and just had a great time laughing and being with one another! Today was also a great day! We went for a morning hike in the Andes mountains! It was too beautiful for words! A picture couldn't even do it justice! It's something I would recommend everyone doing!! After that we went to Otovalo and visited with a man who hand crafted wool and wool textiles, and then to a house where they made hand crafted Ecuadorean instruments! I wish I could write more, but internet time is limited, so I will keep writing with updates as soon as I can!!

So many more adventures to have!!!!!!


  1. Jazzy....I am so excited for you!!! I am loving your blog!!! It sounds like you are having time!!!! Keep posting and I will keep reading!!! I love and miss you!! Aunt Chris

  2. Gosh, Jazzy...wish you'd get a little more excited about your trip. I only counted 42 exclamation points. ;) Haha! Thrilled you're getting this opportunity! Taking pictures? Yes?

  3. Sounds like another trip of a lifetime! I am so proud of you and can't wait to hear more. Of course we miss you like crazy! I am glad you are having fun and experiencing the culture. I will look forward to your next post! Love your Pops